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Sew-on patches are customized patches that are developed and made to the requirements of the customer. They are normally made of fabric with a heat-sealed backing and can be sewed onto garments or other goods as a decorative or identifying feature. Patches can be manufactured in any form, size, or colour, with logos, text, graphics, or other designs. They are frequently utilized by organizations, businesses, or individuals to lend a one-of-a-kind touch to their clothing or accessories.



Keep Tradition Alive With Custom Sew-On Patches

People have been making distinctive patches and stitching them onto garments, flags, blankets, uniforms, and a variety of other items for ages. We at Iron On Patches carry on the heritage of sew on name patches. We can create any size or shape patch using your unique art design. IOP have plenty of weave and yarn colours to choose from to make your unique patches stand out.

Iron On Patches offers several types of patches: embroidered name sew on patches (which use a substrate), woven (which use woven threads), and dye sublimated (which use dye sublimated) Our professionals also provide hand-embroidered bullion crests for clubs and organizations; all four of these patch kinds can be sewn into fabrics of your choice.

How Can These Custom Made Sew on Patches Help You?

Custom sew-on patches have various advantages:


By putting your own unique designs, logos, or text on custom patches, you may add a distinctive element to your apparel, items, or equipment.

Custom patches can assist you in promoting your brand by showing your logo on apparel, bags, or hats utilized by your workers or participants if you run a business or organization.


Personalised sew on patches, are meant to last and can resist frequent cleaning and wearing, making them a great choice for often worn apparel or gear.


Sew on letter patches, may be stitched onto a variety of objects, such as t-shirts, jackets, hats, backpacks, and more, giving you additional options for how you use them.


Custom sew-on patches are quite inexpensive when compared to other types of custom apparel or advertising materials, and they provide a cost-effective method to add a personalised touch to your clothing or gear.

Sew-On Patches Sample

Sewing the patches onto your cloth ensures that they will not come off. Whereas other patch backings are engineered to form a bond when heated, sew on motifs (when properly applied) will provide you the assurance that your embroidered patches are sturdy and stable.

Furthermore, when you want to take away your patches, you may cut and immediately remove the sewing string. Begin making your own sew-on patches right away. Send us a sample of the design you’d like to incorporate using our Free Quote form.

Why Choose Iron On Patches?

We as a firm have vast experience in making sew on embroidered patches. You can visit our website for large sew on patches for all your needs. You can call us or email us. We are here to assist you in the best way possible.

Patches That Are Apply With Sewing

Custom Sew-On Patches Keep Tradition Alive

People have been stitching distinctive patches onto clothing, flags, blankets, uniforms, and a variety of other objects for ages. We continue the legacy of sew-on patches at American Patch. We can make any size or shape patch using your unique art design. To make your unique patches gorgeous, we have hundreds of twill and thread colors to choose from.

Iron On Patches UK has three different types of patches: stitched (which uses a substrate). woven (which uses woven threads). and dye sublimated (which uses dye) (which feature dyed fabric molecules for near photo quality patches). Hand-embroidered bullion crests for clubs and organizations are also available all four patch kinds sewn onto fabrics of your choice.

Custom Sew On Patches For Organizations

Right here at Iron On Patches UK, we are well-known masters in making Custom sew on patches as well as custom embroidered patches for headwear for police, fire dept. dining establishments, armed services, along with in a similar manner much more. We can manufacture sew on patches for you if you require a custom patch that runs nicely with your clothes or apparel. Please provide your logo to us and engage us make embroidered sew on patches.

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