Applying Our Personalized Iron-On Patches Is Simple

Applying Our Personalized Iron-On Patches Is Simple

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For individuals searching for a simple method of applying their patches, personalized iron-on patches are ideal. All you’ll need to adhere your patches using our unique heat-activated backing is an iron (but a heat press is advised). You can make these embroidered patches in almost any size or form. They work great for clothes repairs, sports uniforms, Scouts, and your company’s logo.

Cotton blends, denim, and polyester fabrics are the ideal choices for our personalized iron-on patches. Generally speaking, we advise that the material to which you are affixing your patch be at least as hefty as the patch itself. Speak with our design specialists if you’re unsure which kind of custom patches—loomed, dye sublimation, or embroidery—you need. We are able to assist!

We at Personalized Iron On Patches are proud of the work we do. We take great pride in utilizing only the best materials to make unique iron-on patches. You may be as imaginative and colorful as you like with your patch because there are so many thread and twill colors to select from. To make it even more distinctive, you are also free to select any size and shape. You will have our iron-on patches for many years to come. Your personalized patches won’t unravel or fade with time, so you may appreciate them. They are perfect for fastening to clothing because they can be machine washed.

Why Choose Iron On Patches?

We make it quick and simple to create your own personalized iron-on patches. At Iron On Patches, we take great satisfaction in offering each and every one of our clients a dependable, stress-free service from beginning to end. We provide free U.S. delivery on all orders, a quick turnaround time, and a free quote so you can start wearing your personalized patches right away.

We are committed to assisting our clients in creating “any patch for any purpose,” as stated in our motto. We like working with all of our clients, from Fortune 500 organizations to tiny Etsy artisans. Our passion is enabling people to realize their artwork.

Benefits of These Iron-On Patches

Free Quote; Superior Quality; Free Shipping inside the United States; Free Sample; Quick Turnaround; Shape or Size

Personalized Iron-On Patches

We have the resources and know-how to realize any idea you have for a design. You can select from a range of styles when ordering our personalized iron-on patches. Our patches are made to fit the individual interests and tastes of each of our customers. You have the option of choose from one of our other services, dye sublimation, looming, or embroidery for your personalized iron-on patches.

We use many thread options when producing our fixes. We’ll look at your custom patch design and make sure to select the materials that precisely match its design in order to create an identical color match.

Custom iron-on patches are also available for memorials and special events like family reunions. With our personalized patches, groups like scout clubs and sports teams can quickly, simply, and enjoyablely make high-quality, reasonably priced iron-on patches for their members. Entrepreneurs can sell their own designs on iron-on patches featuring our brand, which consumers can use to adorn trousers, coats, purses, and other items! Alternatively, you may design your own products to help advertise your business more widely.

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How Do Backings Make Iron Function?

Our personalized iron-on patches are always shipped free inside the United States. Our patch designs can be applied to many clothes using heat seal backings. The application of heal seals is very simple. A heat press machine or a domestic iron will suffice. To ensure that they may be worn, washed, and even dry cleaned without coming loose, we use the best glue when creating all of our bespoke iron-on patches.

We only have care instructions that are listed on your garment since they are that durable. Only washing your patch designs at a high temperature should cause you to exercise caution as it may cause the glue to come off.

How to Use a Heat Press to Iron On Patches

  1. Place the heat press unit in the 360–370 degree Fahrenheit range.
  2. After applying your patch where you want it, cover it with a piece of wax paper.
  3. Press down on a 40 PSI foam pad under your clothing for around eighteen seconds.
  4. Enjoy your newly ironed patches after allowing your design to cool!

How to Use a Heat Press to Iron On Patches

How to Use a Household Iron on a Patch

  1. Put the iron on the highest setting.
  2. Make sure there are no wrinkles by placing your clothing flat on the ironing board. To guarantee a smooth application on denim jackets, flatten the material as much as you can.
  3. To keep your clothes from burning, place a piece of cloth over them.
  4. Use the iron to preheat the area that will be applied, about 10 seconds.
  5. Place the iron over the patch, cover it with a cloth, and press down firmly for a minimum of sixty seconds.
  6. To make sure the glue has stuck to the clothing, iron the item one more.
  7. Using the cloth over the fabric to prevent any damage, repeat the process on the opposite side of the garment.
  8. Enjoy your unique custom iron-on patches only after the glue and fabric have completely cooled and set!

How to Place a Custom Iron-On Patch Order

To make sure you can easily receive your custom iron-on patches, we’ve streamlined the ordering process. We take care of all the laborious work, and there is no technical jargon to understand. All you have to do is send us a design, and before we make your personalized iron-on patches, we’ll check it over and offer any necessary revision assistance.

Step 1: Get a Free Estimate

To get started, complete our free quote request form! We’ll need to know the size you want, how many iron-on patches you want to order, and we’ll look over your design.

Step 2: Verification

We will get in touch with you with a written order confirmation once we’ve reviewed the information you submitted, and we’ll ask for your billing and payment information. We don’t charge for orders under $1,000 until your personalized iron-on patches are ready for shipment.

Step 3: Review Your Sample

We will create a sample of your iron-on patch once your design and order details are verified, allowing you to inspect it before approving your entire order. Remember that other patch companies only provide a graphical representation of your custom patches, which is not a true representation of how they will appear in person.

Step 4: Receive Your Patches

Following approval of all the details, we will promptly begin creating your personalized iron-on patches. You’ll also get free shipping within the United States on your order.

Order Your Iron On Patches Today

Are you prepared to begin? As you prepare to watch your design come to life, fill out our free quote form! We also invite you to contact us right now if you have any questions. At any time, we would be pleased to go over the design process in more detail.