Custom Military Patches

Without a few military patches, no military outfit is complete. We can design unique patches for the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard that reflect name, rank, unit, squad, or battalion information.

Our high-quality materials and artwork, along with our stringent quality control, ensure that your custom patches are the best available. We will not be undersold on price, so you may obtain fantastic personalised patches regardless of your budget!

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Patches Attachment Options

After deciding on the material for your personalized designs, it’s critical to pick an appropriate backing to guarantee a secure attachment. You may utilize your patches in different ways and places depending on the attachment technique you select.

To make using your patches in a variety of scenarios simple, we provide six alternative attachment options. Your unique demands will decide the optimal attachment technique, so think about where and how you want to utilize your patches before making your decision.

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Custom Sew On Patches

When you sew your patches on, you can be certain that they will stay on all of your clothing and accessories, such as uniforms, beanies, backpacks, caps, blouses, and jackets.

Custom Velcro Patches

If you wish to interchange patches easily, Velcro is a practical option. For outfits in the military, police, and security services, Velcro patches are a wonderful option.

Iron on Backing Patches

The finest option for applying your patches is iron-on backing for optimum ease. For a stable and long-lasting grip, just iron onto garments, caps, bags, or any other fabric object.

Custom Pin Patches

If you would like to have the option of temporarily attaching your patches to clothes or any other piece made of fabric, pin backings are the ideal alternative. Pin backings are frequently employed to sporadically affix patches on your favorite articles of clothing for special occasions.

Sticker Backing Patches

For short-term use, self-adhesive, often known as peel-and-stick, is an excellent backing material. To temporarily apply the patch, just peel off the backing paper and press it onto the surface.

Magnetic Backing Patches

Use magnetic backings to affix your patches to any metal surface (a vehicle or refrigerator, for example). An excellent choice for supporting brand logos when distributing patches as part of a marketing campaign.

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2. Customize

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3. Mockup & Sample

We’ll share a mock-up to review before going into production

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For almost a decade, has been designing and producing custom military patches. We have you covered, no matter what branch of the military you represent. We’re familiar with all of the basic insignias and designs, and we love seeing the creative ideas that many units come up with.

We offer everything you need to create custom military patches that you will be proud of. We have a wide assortment of patch sizes, thread colours, and patch backings available, including Velcro. We’ll help with you every step of the way to ensure that your fixes are flawless. We can also make unique morale patches if you want something a little more edgy!

Why Choose an

When it comes to personalised military patches, IOP is a no-brainer. With a name like ours, you can tell we love our nation. We will do all possible to guarantee that your morale or military patches are just how you intended. We always provide free quotations and free shipping within the continental United Kingdom.

Unlike other patch suppliers who will just show you a visual depiction of your patch before you approve your purchase, we will always show you a real sample before you approve your order. You simply cannot go wrong with our high quality, quick turnaround times, and exceptional customer service. Whether you’re an active military member, veteran, or civilian wanting to design customised military patches to honour a loved one who served, is here to help you every step of the way.

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Other Military Patches That We Can Make

If you don’t see the military patch you’re searching for on this list, please contact us!

  • OCP Patches
  • U.K. Space Force Patches
  • Department of Defense Patches
  • ROTC Patches
  • Pencil Patches
  • Air Show Patches
  • Aircraft Patches
  • International Patches

Our Custom Patch Benefits

  • Free Quote
  • Free UK & U.S. Shipping
  • Premium Quality
  • Free Sample
  • Fast Turnaround
  • Any Shape or Size

Start Making Your Patches Right Now

The first step in producing your own military patches is to complete our free quotation form when you’re ready to get started. You will inform us of your preferences for backing (such Hook & Loop) and if you want Custom Embroidered Patches, PVC Patches, or another sort of military patch. Additionally, you’ll show us your artwork. Please don’t hesitate to call us with any queries you may have; we would be pleased to assist you.

Q: Is it possible to customize the shape and size of military patches?

A: Yes, we provide different sizes and shapes for the custom military patches to meet your needs perfectly well.

Q: Materials which are used for the manufacturing of military patches?

A: It is made of premium fabric with durable threads for the highest standards and close to genuine look.

Q: How long does it take to get my custom military patches after I place an order for them?

A: Lead times depend on product design and order quantity. The delivery date for any order will be provided when your information is entered in the team.

Q: Can I place a bulk order for all the military patches of my whole unit?

A: Absolutely! We provide special discounts and wholesale pricing for bulk orders as far as they meet the needs of military units and organizations.

Q: What would happen if I required help with the process of design?

A: Let our Design Team work for you! Just contact us and we will sit with you to develop the best custom patch design for your unit.

Q: Do I have any color restrictions when compiling my patch?

A: Color limitations are loose, but complicated designs with a number of colors can lead to extra charges. Our team will guide you on the best routes to have your desired design in regard of planning and at budget permitted.

Q: Do you supply military insignia in accordance with any recognized standard?

A: Indeed you can specify your patches in performing the military using any symbols, sigils or artwork that symbolizes unity and represents the institution. We can help you by including the elements that you desire to use in your design.

Q: Do you do rush ordering if there are emergency needs?

A: Yes, certainly there are some special circumstances in which a very high urgency may be present. To learn more about getting your wares in a hurry, talk to our team; we’ll help you out.

Q: How should I sew my military patches onto the uniform?

A: Military patches can be fixed by means of several methods whether being sewn, ironed or engaged using fasteners from hook and loop. We suggest to comply with the rules and norms of military that relate to accurate mounting and attachment.

Q: Do you guarantee any quality metrics on your patches?

A: We believe that our custom military patches speak what we are so proud of the quality and the excellent craftsmanship. If you are not happy with the quality of your patches please get in touch, and we will do everything possible to address these issues.

Q: Can I take samples of your military patches before making the large order?

A: Indeed, we provide sample orders to customers who want samples of quality and skills that one can have on our patches before opting for bigger sizes. Samples can be requested upon contacting us.

Q: Are there any limitations in designing military patches?

A: With the desire to satisfy all existing needs related to design preferences, we observe legal and ethical standards on using specific symbols or imagery. In our work, we will follow these specifications in order to make sure that your design is meeting the requirements.

Q: Which payment methods do you accept for orders?

A: We have a wide range of payment options for convenience purposes, such as credit card/debit cards and PayPal among others like the bank transfer. However, the process of payment will be detailed by our team upon confirmation of your order.

Q: Is it possible to reorder military patches with an identical design?

A: Absolutely! Your design information is kept on our records for easy reordering purposes. If you get in touch with us and let us know details of your past order, we will be able to help with the reorder.

Q: Do you provide delivery to all countries?

A: Indeed, we ship personalized military patches all around the world. The destination may also affect the international shipping costs and delivery schedules. Please contact us for more information about our choices for shipping internationally.

How can I locate the location of my order?

A: You will receive tracking information from us after your item has been completed and dispatched, enabling you to monitor its progress. Please get in touch with our customer service staff for any questions you may have regarding the progress of your order.

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