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Custom embroidered patches are frequently produced by IronOnPatches for organisations including the military, police, fire departments, and emergency medical services. Additionally, we design unique patches for sports teams, scouts (boy and girl scout merit badges), hospitals, labs, schools, and dining establishments.

These really excellent embroidered patches look great on hats with NBA or NFL logos. A popular among cyclists as well, they Everyone is eligible to wear the stylish personalised patch on their uniform. Shirt or jacket available? We are able to design a special patch specifically for you.

This advances the identification of your brand. At trade exhibitions, it works fantastically for firms. Your personalised patch will help other businesspeople recognise you, which will result in additional connections and achievements. To receive a quote for bespoke patches, please contact us right away.

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Patches Attachment Options

After deciding on the material for your personalized designs, it’s critical to pick an appropriate backing to guarantee a secure attachment. You may utilize your patches in different ways and places depending on the attachment technique you select.

To make using your patches in a variety of scenarios simple, we provide six alternative attachment options. Your unique demands will decide the optimal attachment technique, so think about where and how you want to utilize your patches before making your decision.

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Custom Sew On Patches

When you sew your patches on, you can be certain that they will stay on all of your clothing and accessories, such as uniforms, beanies, backpacks, caps, blouses, and jackets.

Custom Velcro Patches

If you wish to interchange patches easily, Velcro is a practical option. For outfits in the military, police, and security services, Velcro patches are a wonderful option.

Iron on Backing Patches

The finest option for applying your patches is iron-on backing for optimum ease. For a stable and long-lasting grip, just iron onto garments, caps, bags, or any other fabric object.

Custom Pin Patches

If you would like to have the option of temporarily attaching your patches to clothes or any other piece made of fabric, pin backings are the ideal alternative. Pin backings are frequently employed to sporadically affix patches on your favorite articles of clothing for special occasions.

Sticker Backing Patches

For short-term use, self-adhesive, often known as peel-and-stick, is an excellent backing material. To temporarily apply the patch, just peel off the backing paper and press it onto the surface.

Magnetic Backing Patches

Use magnetic backings to affix your patches to any metal surface (a vehicle or refrigerator, for example). An excellent choice for supporting brand logos when distributing patches as part of a marketing campaign.

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Custom Embroidered Patches Wholesale for Every Occasion.

Embroidery is an ancient art form and certainly the most popular style of patch we sell. This is because many people love the traditional looks and feels of these patches. These custom patches not only have beautiful bright colors but also a feel of texture that enhances their value.

At Iron On Patches, we design embroidered patches made from quality materials that last for many years to come. Our twill and thread collection comprises over 120 different colors with various sizes and shapes suitable for your needs. You may choose our experts to assist you in creating an ideal patch to commemorate any kind of events such as graduation, birthday, firm among others.

Sample Patches with Embroidered Designs

The embroidering patches are create by stitching color threads on the surface of a twill. We provide up to 8 colors at no cost to make your patches individual and unique to the special event. When you’ve created the patch, we’ll mail an example to ensure it aligns with your needs. We’ll also assist you in deciding the type of backing you’d like to come with, whether that’s an iron-on, sew-on, hook-and-loop, or clutch pin. Our iron on embroidered patches wholesale come with an extremely quick turnaround time, meaning you’ll be able to enjoy your creation within the shortest amount of time. For more information, complete our no-cost quote from now.

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If you’re eager to begin making your custom patches with us, we can provide no-cost, no-obligation quotes for your order of patches. So, you’ve got nothing to risk. We’ll even send you the sample of your patch before. When the entire order is made instead of a visual rendering that other patch companies offer. Whatever the size, shape, or reason for our patch, we’ll be there to ensure that you’re satisfiy with the final product. Start today and begin showing your newly created custom embroidered patches.

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Our team’s creative minds and talented designers can work on the most complicated projects and deliver crisp results that will exceed your expectations. Because our clients get to witness our embroiders’ artistic talents, we are regarded as the finest source for custom embroidered patches in the UK.

Custom Embroidered Patches wholesale

Custom Embroidery Patches Wholesale No Minimum – Stitching Your Dreams into Reality.

We know you’ve been looking for some amazing embroidered patches near me. Your quest is about to come to an end, as you have arrived at a dream location for fans of custom embroidered patches. Our personalised patch inventory is full with intriguing surprises that will make your visit with the UK’s top-rated embroidered patches company 10 times more joyful. We don’t make patches; we sew your fantasies.

From embroidered flowers patches in the UK to badges for all types of clothing, we give exactly what you need but with a finer and more subtle touch. The fact that we distribute all throughout the UK provides us an advantage over other patch design firms in the UK. Whether you live in Cardiff, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Bristol, Birmingham, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or Belfast, you can order patches directly from the couch of your home.

What are custom embroidered patches?

Custom embroidered patches are one-of-a-kind works of art created with an embroidery machine. These unique embroidered patches are made of cotton twill and a range of thread colours. Embroidered logo patches are an excellent method of promoting a forthcoming event or to show your support for a worthy cause. These embroidered patches may be used for scrapbooking as well as sewing into clothes.


Where can I get personalised embroidered patches?

Irononpatches is commit to creating low-cost, long-lasting embroidered patches. We are professionals at creating sellable patches because we know our customers will appreciate them. We only use top-of-the-line equipment, and we thoroughly inspect each order to guarantee it fulfils both our and your standards.

Is there a limit on how many I may purchase at once?

You have the option of placing an infinite number of orders. We’re ready to take your order and have a larger workforce to complete it. We’ve got requests for up to 100,000 patches, and many of them have already been sold.

Do you keep track of things? If that’s the case, what if I wish to reorder?
We will securely retain information about your customised order. In our facility, we store one physical copy of your personalised product and save digital records of your items in your customer area and our data repository. Simply let your chosen Creative Specialist know if you’d like to place a second order, and we’ll immediately manufacture another duplicate of your one-of-a-kind buy.

Can you duplicate a patch I already have?

Almost certainly, yes. Simply take a picture of your patch and we’ll manufacture a nearly similar replica for you. Send us your item, and we will return it to you after it has been transformed into a duplicate.

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