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We make best personalized patches for hats, jeans, jackets & all purposes using high-grade raw material, backed with any type of backing – at a dream affordable price.

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Iron on Patches Provides Best Quality Custom Patches In Wholesale Rates!

Welcome to our custom patches wholesale services, where we offer a wide range of high-quality patches at affordable prices. We have highly qualified team , we are committed to provide the best quality products and services to our customers.

We understand that custom patches play an essential role in creating a unique identity for your business, group, or organization. Therefore, we offer a wide range of customization options, including design, size, color, and material, to create a patch that perfectly suits your needs.

At Iron-On Patches we provide best quality personalised patches in wholesale rates. Create your own Custom Patches today and get Free designing & shipping. Our in-house design team can produce anything you need, whether it’s a basic Sew On Patches, Personalized Iron On Patches, Custom Leather Patches, Pvc Patches or Velcro backed Patches.


Iron On Patches Ordering Process​

Upload Your Designs & Get Quote


Approve Your Artwork Proofs


We Create & Ship Your Custom Patch Order


Heatpress when Ready. Keep Extras in Storage Forever

Free Shipping All Across UK, USA, Australia​ & Canada


Custom Patches Wholesale Categories

We provide a wide range of custom-made patches to meet your demands. Our staff members can assist you with whatever your patch’s goal is. We’ve created a variety of unique patches over the years. We offers many popular styles for your sew-on or iron-on patches. We’ve designed unique patches for clubs, organisations, plane models, soccer patches, and more.


Custom Bullion Patches

Custom Patches Wholesale

Embroidered Patches

Custom Woven Patches

Custom Chenille Patches

Iron On Name Patches

Custom Felt Patches

Custom PVC Patches

Patch Attachment Options

After deciding on the material for your personalized designs, it’s critical to pick an appropriate backing to guarantee a secure attachment. You may utilize your patches in different ways and places depending on the attachment technique you select.

To make using your patches in a variety of scenarios simple, we provide six alternative attachment options. Your unique demands will decide the optimal attachment technique, so think about where and how you want to utilize your patches before making your decision.

Sew On Patches.img

Custom Sew On Patches

When you sew your patches on, you can be certain that they will stay on all of your clothing and accessories, such as uniforms, beanies, backpacks, caps, blouses, and jackets.

Custom Velcro Patches

If you wish to interchange patches easily, Velcro is a practical option. For outfits in the military, police, and security services, Velcro patches are a wonderful option.

Iron on Backing Patches

The finest option for applying your patches is iron-on backing for optimum ease. For a stable and long-lasting grip, just iron onto garments, caps, bags, or any other fabric object.

Custom Pin Patches

If you would like to have the option of temporarily attaching your patches to clothes or any other piece made of fabric, pin backings are the ideal alternative. Pin backings are frequently employed to sporadically affix patches on your favorite articles of clothing for special occasions.

Sticker Backing Patches

For short-term use, self-adhesive, often known as peel-and-stick, is an excellent backing material. To temporarily apply the patch, just peel off the backing paper and press it onto the surface.

Magnetic Backing Patches

Use magnetic backings to affix your patches to any metal surface (a vehicle or refrigerator, for example). An excellent choice for supporting brand logos when distributing patches as part of a marketing campaign.

Pick Your Own Style

Stand Out the Competition with Innovative Custom Patches



You Can Now Get Custom Patches Wholesale In UK On Any Expenditure!

Are you looking for manufacturers of custom embroidered patches or customise iron on patches who are reasonably priced, dependable, and of good quality? You are now in the correct spot.

Iron On Patches  specializes solely in embroidered patches. If you need distinctive patches for sports teams, corporations, military units, events, scouting, martial arts, or any other usage, we are your one-stop, hassle-free source. Our primary products are personalized embroidered patches, Iron patches, Felt Patches, Applique patches, Woven Patches, Morale patches, blank patches, custom patches, ETSY patches, clothing patches bands so on), Printed patches, Leather patches, PVC patches, Woven label, Bullion patches, Stickers and Rhinestones patches. Get FREE delivery by making your own embroidered patches right now. No matter what you require, whether it be a straightforward Sew-On Patches UK, Iron-On Patch, Leather Patch, or Velcro-backed Patch, our in-house design team can create it.

Our Specialty Patches

There are no restrictions on what you can make. Custom woven patches, Velcro patches, chenille patches, motorbike patches, police patches, rocker patches, custom iron-on patches, embroidered patches, and sew-on patches are all available. offer premium patches at competitive costs with a stand-by return policy.

We create exquisite personalized patches for any use. We can design the ideal patch for you, regardless of whether you are a part of an organization, a military member, celebrating an event, honoring a loved one, or simply adore patches. Your patches will be strong and beautiful for many years since we utilize the best threads, materials, and workmanship.

Types OF Custom Patches

We offer a wide variety of specially manufactured patches to satisfy your unique needs or goals. You can get support from one of our friendly employees with whatever your patch’s objective is. Learn why so many people trust the experts at

  • Applique Patches

A versatile method of clothing decoration is the use of custom applique patches. At IOP, we create quilted patches with sew-on or iron-on backings.

  • Custom Iron On Patches Wholesale

We take great pride in the job we perform at We take pride in producing customized iron on patches using only the best materials. Your iron on custom patches can be as colorful and creative as you like, thanks to the variety of thread and twill color options available.

  • Embroidered Patches Wholesale UK

We produce custom embroidered patches made from premium fabrics that will last for a long time.

  • Custom Felt Patches

Felt patches, unlike embroidery patches, have a distinct appearance. These patches are uncomplicated and classic.

  • ETSY Patches

For our Etsy patches, we only use materials of the finest caliber. We can help you decide the best course of action to achieve any style you desire.

  • Woven Patches Wholesale

If you want small inscriptions and intricate designs, custom woven patches are the ideal option. We only sell incredibly durable, machine-washable items of the finest caliber.

  • Morale Patches

Custom morale patches are an improvement above conventional military patches. They’re ideal for showing off your distinctive experience and pride while paying tribute to your unit. We are committed to lifting your spirits by offering personally made morale patches that demonstrate your dedication.

  • Blank Patches

In need of custom blank patches for your embroidery project? For those who know how to handle thread and needles, we provide a range of patches, including blank ones. Our personalized blank patches are top-notch.

  • Custom Clothing Patches

Applying custom-made patches to clothing is a popular way to display them. We’ve created patches for clothing with logos for organizations, bands, logos, clubs, hobbies, movies, quotes, and a variety of other interests.

Why Choose Us

Your best bet for any and all patches is! We produce custom patches wholesale with the best materials at the best prices. We are confident that you will discover exactly what you’re looking for among the hundreds of available styles, colors, and attachment possibilities. Your shopping experience with us is quick and simple. Our design staff has completed thousands of orders and has years of experience. With that knowledge, we’ll create customisable iron on logo patches that meet all of your requirements!

The Design Process Is Simple

Patch design shouldn’t be something you hate doing when it’s time to make a patch for your group, establishment, or business. The best in the business is our graphic designers. Simply give us a photo of your logo, an existing patch, or any other concept you want to see turned into a personalized embroidered patch! Any PC format for design photos is acceptable. Even better, send us a sketch or illustration of the design you want.

Several Patches Options Are Available

Whatever your patches needs are, we can take care of them! A wide variety of sizes, unique shapes, border styles, thread colors, and attachment options are available from us. Simply inform us of your needs, and our talented team of artists will put them into action. At IOP, things really are that simple. Let us demonstrate how we make ordering personalized patches wholesale simple, quick, and enjoyable.

How To Order


1. Pick a Product

Custom Embroidered Patches, Custom Iron On Patches, Leather Patches, Custom Chenille Patches, Printed Patches, Custom PVC Patches, Custom Woven Patches

2. Customize

Any quantity, Size.

3. Mockup & Sample

We’ll share a mock-up to review before going into production

4. Checkout

Review your information & complete payment

5. Products are Coming

We’ll send you shipping information to track your order

Why choose Iron On patches?

The fact that we pay attention to detail is one of the main reasons individuals choose to work with us. We work directly with you after you submit a free quotation to guarantee that your customised patches wholesale in UK are manufactured just how you want. That is why it is critical that we supply you with a true sample before beginning production on your whole order. Other patch suppliers will merely offer you a PDF of a rendered patch rather than an actual depiction.

The easiest approach to get started is to go to the free quotation page and fill out the form. There’s a spot for you to upload your photograph there. This ensures that we have all of the information we require to provide you with an accurate quote.

The minimum amount of patches that may be bought is 50 pieces per design size and colour; however, ordering a larger quantity saves you money.

Expect your purchase to take 3 to 4 weeks from the moment you place it due to current shipping delays. Please notify us if you require them sooner.

You may email your information to us using a secure order form. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, PayPal, and American Express are all accepted.

We can accept a purchase order for an order with a minimum balance of $ 200.00 if you are a government organisation or a public school. We may also take a check as payment, but the order will not be placed until the check is received.

Yes, We charge shipment fee below £2oo. If you order more than 200 pound there is no shipment charges.


Iron On Patches is dedicated to providing great and timely customer service. To assist our customers, we provide online chat and phone assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any questions about custom patches, our customer service staff is always here to assist you. For your packaging needs and solutions, you may speak with one of our specialized custom patches specialists.

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