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Custom PVC patches are one-of-a-kind and adaptable accessories that may be used to personalize and customize garments and gear. PVC patches are formed of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), a synthetic viscoelastic polymer that is shapeable and conformable, lightweight, and durable. In contrast to typical patch materials, PVC may be molded, embossed, Debossed, laser-cut, and hand-painted in a variety of colors and designs.

There are numerous PVC patch production procedures, each with its own set of pros and limitations. They are perfect for usage as customized clothes accessories, tactical gear, and equipment and gear customisation. They are built to be adaptable and long-lasting, able to endure extreme temperatures as well as liquids and chemicals. Logos, drawings, slogans, and symbols can all be made with PVC Rubber Patches. offers high-quality patches at wholesale prices, as well as free design and shipping.



Custom PVC Patches Wholesale UK

The Custom PVC Patches are made of polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). PVC is a type made of polymer that’s been utilized for a long time in the production of various types of products. Customized PVC patches Wholesale are popular in clothing, as well as various accessories and other products such as caps, bags, Hats as well as jackets etc.

PVC Patches Wholesale are made out of the durable PVC material that is then molded to the design you want. The molded design is then set into the patch. PVC Rubber Patches are created in a variety of shapes and sizes based on the design you’d like. They can also be made to include intricate details and colors added to to make them distinctive.

Custom PVC Patches aren’t just distinctive and attractive, but they’re also extremely durable. PVC is UV and waterproof resistant and is able to endure the harsh conditions of winter cold as well as the heat of summer. Patches are also impervious to abrasions as well as punctures, making sure that they will last for for a long time. Many organizations, companies and professionals utilize customized PVC patches to advertise their services and products or to promote their brand.


Designing Of PVC Patches Wholesale

To create custom PVC Patches customers can supply the logo, image, or design they wish to be incorporated in the patch. The service provider will transform the design into a.pdf file that is sent to the manufacturer which will then use it to design the patch. We are experts in creating custom PVC Patches, and will do their best to ensure you get a final design that will be exactly what the customer is looking for.

Wholesale PVC patches are an excellent option to promote any company or brand. They’re attractive and durable which makes them an ideal promotional product. They’re also affordable and are easily reordered. Numerous companies and organizations depend on these customized PVC Patches to advertise their services and products and make them a very popular product.

When people think about patches, they think of PVC Patches or the classic designs. There are a variety of methods for designing great artwork for classic patches, however a lot of our clients are choosing a more contemporary alternative Custom PVC patches. The material we use to create soft PVC patches resembles rubber patch in the appearance and feel, resulting the most durable and flexible designs, and giving our clients the ability to keep amazing amounts of fine details in their original art.

A Contemporary Tradition with Traditional Appeal

Searching for water- and weather-resistant patches with 3D artwork? PVC patches are great for situations when the customer will be investing a significant amount of time outside, or simply looking for a different sort of non-threaded patch.

Every Occasion Needs Customized PVC Patches

Something precisely made custom PVC patches no minimum to resist any climate you can imagine. Like a traditional sewn patch, these are simple to put on everything from jackets and sweaters to caps and bags. They’re also waterproof and can withstand low temperatures, making them great for everything from a day at the shore to chopping up steep hillsides.

Even if you don’t intend to use your patches outside, morale patches wholesale are sturdy, easy to clean, and offer the best choices for layered layout and custom 3D artwork. While it may appear that PVC patches are only for our more active consumers, the truth is that you can find them almost anyplace.

Can PVC Patches Be Ironed On Or Heat Pressed?

The short answer is yes! custom PVC patches UK placed on headgear and backpacks using a medium force and stirring occasionally with a heat press. We advocate, however, making a sewing channel and sewing these on. We specialise in attaching this sort of patch to headwear. Another option is to put a Velcro backing to a PVC patch so that it may be readily removed.

Sizes and Shapes are Adaptable.

When it comes to picking the size or shape of your patches, the sky’s the limit. It is entirely up to your creativity and requirements. The price will be determined by the height and width of your design. Because we constructed a custom PVC rubber of polyvinyl chloride. It has the feel of soft rubber and can be crafted to any size. They are tough and long-lasting and are designed for outdoor use.

Why IronOnPatches?

We are at the top of making PVC patches custom with your favorite design and many others. You just need to contact us for your PVC Velcro patches or even for PVC patches UK. Moreover, you will get premium quality custom patches at a wholesale rate.


What are PVC patches and how do they vary from other types of emblems?

PVC rubber patches are not the same as embroidered patches. They are composed of a tough plastic known as Polyvinyl Chloride, which has a rubbery texture and is incredibly robust. We can mold your 3D PVC patches into any form or pattern that embroidery cannot.

What distinguishes you from other PVC patch manufacturers?

Custom 3D PVC patches are becoming more popular as a terrific solution for branding and advertising. We are the premier patch producers, combining professionalism and creativity. There are no minimum order requirements, and the prices are quite reasonable.

Will you charge me more for changes to the design and edits?

Every single PVC patch manufacturer on our staff understands how to please clients. Customers get the digital file of their design and must approve it before it can be processed for patch production. You may request as many adjustments as you wish with no additional fees.

If affordable customized PVC patches are available, may I get them?

All of our items, from pre-designed patches to personalized emblems, are incredibly inexpensive and economical. You may be misled by the appearance of our badges, which have a sharp look and feel and seem pricey. However, they are rather affordable.

How long does it take you to finish the delivery?

It takes some time to design a patch and turn it into a PVC emblem. However, we use a simplified procedure that speeds up our manufacturing. Finalized badges are wrapped with extreme care and securely sent to your door in record time.

Are your rubber emblems or PVC patches long-lasting and durable?

You may be certain that the quality of our rubber PVC patches will not deteriorate with time. They are intended for use outside and can resist typical wear and tear. They may be adorned even in the roughest weather conditions and still look like new.

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