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Our company offers custom iron-on labels for clothing with sew-on name patches, but there are an a plenty of other options available online. Popular options include:

We are experts in clothing and other products. With our wide selection of sizes, fonts, and colours, you may create bespoke labels utilising their online design tool.



Iron-on name patches, also term as iron-on labels or iron-on tags, are heat-adhesive patches that can be applied to garments or other fabric items. They are an easy method to label and identify clothing and other things, particularly for youngsters who may misplace or forget to bring stuff home from school or camp.

Factors About Custom Iron On Name Patches

On using an iron on name appliques, first ensure that the fabric to which the patch is being applied is clean and dry. The patch should then be placed in the chosen area and covered with a pressing cloth or a thin piece of fabric. Set your iron to the right heat level for the fabric you’re dealing with, then iron over the patch for the necessary period of time, which is usually 15-30 seconds.

It is crucial to carefully follow the patch packing instructions, as various patches may have unique dependencies. Some iron-on patches may require ironing from the back of the fabric, whereas others may require ironing from the front.

Custom Iron On Labels For Clothing A Cost Effective Solution

Custom iron-on name patches are more pricey than ordinary iron-on patches since they require more customisation and precision. Nevertheless, our company offers bulk discounts, which might help you save money if you order a large quantity of patches.

When obtaining iron on name tag for clothing, it’s critical to work with a reliable provider that has a proven track record of manufacturing high-quality patches. Before placing an order, read customer reviews and request samples to confirm that you are receiving a product that fits your expectations.

Iron On Embroidered Names Using High-Quality Thread

Our embroidered name patches created with premium grade threads are made utilizing high-quality embroidery thread to create an intricate and professional touch. Because premium threads are less prone to fraying and unraveling over time, these patches are often more durable and long-lasting than patches created with lower grade threads.

Methods for name brand iron on logos,

It is critical to carefully follow the directions on the patch packing, as different patches may have different prerequisites. Some iron-on patches may require ironing from the back of the fabric, whereas others may require ironing from the front.

Iron-on embroidered name patches created with high-quality threads are a terrific way to personalize garments and accessories. They are particularly popular for uniform name patches iron on or, sports teams, and other groups that seek to create a unified and high-quality appearance.

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Our company provides bespoke iron-on labels for garments sew on name patches, and an online search will yield a plethora of alternatives. Some popular choices are:

We specialises in garments and other goods. provide a variety of sizes, typefaces, and colours to select from. nd you can customise your labels using their online design tool.

We sell a variety of iron-on labels for garments, such as name labels, logo labels, and barcode labels. You may select from several sizes, typefaces, and colours, and the company provides a free online design tool to assist you in creating your labels.

Before settling on to work with IronOnPatches, it’s a good idea to do some research and comparison shopping. Consider variables such as the variety of options available, the quality of their products, and our pricing for iron on embroidered names. Reading customer reviews can also help you decide which firm is the greatest fit for your requirements.

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