Clothing Patches

Clothing patches are small patches of fabric that are attached to a piece of clothing to enhance or add decoration to it. Patches are most commonly used on apparel such as t-shirts, jeans, jackets, hats and other accessories. Iron On Patches provide best quality custom patches for clothes in wholesale rates with free designing and shipping services. Get free quote now!



Customized Patches For Clothes

A very well-known method of displaying custom patches is to apply the patches to clothes. Many of our customers design their designs for patches and then use them to embellish T-shirts, personalize hats, give a stylish look to jeans or jackets, and decorate them with other things. We’ve made patches for clothing with logos of businesses, band logos, artwork and clubs, hobbies, movies, quotes, and various other pursuits.

Show Your Unique Style

At IronOnPatches, We provide the most effective custom patches for sale at affordable costs. You can make almost any size or shape patch, and we offer up to eight thread colors for no extra cost! This allows you to create the perfect accessory. The patches on your clothing are ideal for showing your personality. However, they also bring together organizations, represent community events, market products, increase awareness, and much more. The great thing about the custom patches is that they are made to be worn on almost any item. They can even be used to fill holes in your clothes!

High-Quality Clothing Patches

At Iron On Patches, we have greater than 120 colors of twill and thread and use the highest high-end materials to ensure long-lasting longevity. You can effortlessly make an ideal custom patch that reflects your personality and what you are passionate about. We’ll help you choose what type of patch is suitable for you and even give you an example. Check out some of the patches we’ve designed over the years on the gallery to get some ideas.

How Do I Apply Clothing Patches?

The heat seal (or iron-on) patches are popular on uniforms, hats, and T-shirts. They’re easy to apply and are durable for quite a while if you care for the patches properly. If you own a heat press machine, we suggest using the patch. However, any household iron will work. The care for the heat seal is easy. Please don’t wash the item in hot water as it will melt the backing. Another patch that is easy to apply to clothing can be the self-stick patches. It is easy to apply it to the garment using your fingers. Be aware that it’s a temporary patch and won’t last for an extended period. Self-stick clothing patches are ideal for giving customers a gift at trade shows or events.

For ease of use, nothing is more convenient than the pin patch. They can be attached and removed from your clothes with the pin at the back. They are durable and sturdy. Patches made of plastic are also an excellent alternative. They are attached using fabric glue, and the backing makes sure that the glue won’t bleed into the fabrics. Another alternative is a Velcro patches, an excellent option for uniforms. If you’re adept with thread and needles, you can make unbacked patches for clothing. Sew them in, and you’re ready to go. Backless patches can last a long time and are the most popular patch.

Why Should You Choose Iron On Patches?

Since the beginning of time, Iron on patches has been making high-quality patches. We design patches for kids’ groups, Fortune 500 companies, clubs, and government agencies all over America. The United States. Our motto is “Any patch, for any reason.” Since we started, we’ve taken satisfaction in designing the best quality custom patches available at present.

Iron On Patches is so successful because of the unbeatable quality and value we give each client. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider Us.

  • Free Shipping in the United States, UK, Canada, and Australia
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  • IOP can quickly respond to any inquiry. Most customers get a response from IOP the next day after the quote request.

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