Chenille Patches

Custom chenille patches are manufactured in the same way as embroidered patches, but we utilise a thicker and softer thread and a slightly different procedure to create a distinctive 3D, fluffy look on the design. 

Iron On Patches allows you to personalize excellent and lush chenille patches. Custom chenille patches and a variety of other patches and letters can be made for outerwear or community college and university sporting events. Choose from a broad range of yarn and felt colors to personalize your patches.

  • “Fluffy” Feel 
  • Towel Like Textured Patches
  • Multiple Backings Are Available
  • Low Minimum Order Is 50 Patches
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True Customization Options

Chenille is French meaning caterpillar, and this method and yarn are thought to have originated in France 300 years ago. Chenille is a silky, fluffy, feathery yarn that has the appearance and feel of caterpillar fur. While it isn’t advised for extremely exact and intricate designs chenille is primarily used in simple designs and as a body filler to fill any boundary pattern to create a luxury and rich look in tiny and large layouts such as letters, numerals, and shapes.

If you would like to create and customize custom chenille patches, such as small or large letters, numerals, or any other layout, we here and at Iron On Patches are professionals in creating chenille for all kinds of purposes.

either for your letterman or sport shirts, or you desire to use chenille on a regular embroidered patch combined with machine embroidery. You won’t be disappointed with our high quality and excellent service. Our chenille letter patches distinguish themselves from others and are sure to provide a premium feel for the money.

Custom Chenille Patches Wholesale

Chenille patches, sometimes termed as Letterman Patches, are commonly found on jackets and jumpers and are used for prizes. Typically, chenille letter patches wholesale have two layers.

A felt bottom and a ‘furry’ top that resembles a terry cloth robe.

Custom shapes (state and regional boundaries, emblems, etc.) as well as characters, numerals, and even whole words can be created for these patches. Chenille letters wholesale lack the detail of other kinds of patches, however the finish cannot be reproduced.

Cost-Effective Chenille Patches

Chenille patches UK cost more than normal patches. This is attributable to the manufacturing process and machinery. They are a good choice if you want to make a fashion item.

A high school-related patch, or just a patch that stands out. Custom chenille patches no minimum, are fashionable for a reason. They are long-lasting, fashionable, trustworthy, and always impressive. understands the value of chenille iron on letters. Our visual designers will collaborate with you at every stage of the process to guarantee that you have the best iron on chenille patches for your needs. We make it simple! Get a quotation on your layout or contact us with any queries. We will collaborate with you to design gorgeous chenille patches wholesale of which you’ll be pleased!


For What Purpose Are Chenille Patches Used?

Popularly utilized as varsity letters on letterman jackets are chenille patches. In addition to clothing, chenille patches can be applied on backpacks, hoodies, t-shirts, and hats.

Where Is Felt Fabric Used On Chenille Patches And What Is Its Purpose?

The substrate on which the chenille yarn is sewn is made of felt fabric. Technically speaking, chenille stitching is a loop stitch. Chenille yarn is too thick to be sewn on other textiles like twill, thus the felt fabric stiffens the patch.

What Styles Of Designs Are Possible For Chenille Patches?

Chenille yarn works best when used to fill shapes, and it is recommended to avoid using chenille in places smaller than one square centimeter if you want to create a complicated pattern with chenille yarn. The design should be big and include few details. This is why letters and numbers are the finest shapes for chenille.

Am I Able To Order Any Shape?

You may order any shape, yes. Using a felt basis as a template, the patch’s form is cut out. Before the chenille yarn is sewn on, the felt foundation can be cut into any form.

Can Chenille Be Washed?

Chenille patches may be thoroughly washed. For machine washing, a very low force setting is advised.

Can We Iron On Patches For Chenille?

Yes, chenille patches can be ironed on with ease. Here is a guide on ironing chenille patches on.

Which Backings Can I Select For My Chenille Patches?

There are no limitations on the type of backing you may use for your chenille patches. All backings—iron-on, velcro, adhesive, and magnetic—can be utilized.

How Long Do Chenille Patches Take To Complete?

Our overall turnaround time for 50 patches is 10–12 days, depending on the amount. The turnaround time is 15–18 days for 1000 patches.

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