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Patches Attachment Options

After deciding on the material for your personalized designs, it’s critical to pick an appropriate backing to guarantee a secure attachment. You may utilize your patches in different ways and places depending on the attachment technique you select.

To make using your patches in a variety of scenarios simple, we provide six alternative attachment options. Your unique demands will decide the optimal attachment technique, so think about where and how you want to utilize your patches before making your decision.

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Custom Sew On Patches

When you sew your patches on, you can be certain that they will stay on all of your clothing and accessories, such as uniforms, beanies, backpacks, caps, blouses, and jackets.

Custom Velcro Patches

If you wish to interchange patches easily, Velcro is a practical option. For outfits in the military, police, and security services, Velcro patches are a wonderful option.

Iron on Backing Patches

The finest option for applying your patches is iron-on backing for optimum ease. For a stable and long-lasting grip, just iron onto garments, caps, bags, or any other fabric object.

Custom Pin Patches

If you would like to have the option of temporarily attaching your patches to clothes or any other piece made of fabric, pin backings are the ideal alternative. Pin backings are frequently employed to sporadically affix patches on your favorite articles of clothing for special occasions.

Sticker Backing Patches

For short-term use, self-adhesive, often known as peel-and-stick, is an excellent backing material. To temporarily apply the patch, just peel off the backing paper and press it onto the surface.

Magnetic Backing Patches

Use magnetic backings to affix your patches to any metal surface (a vehicle or refrigerator, for example). An excellent choice for supporting brand logos when distributing patches as part of a marketing campaign.

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Custom Velcro Patches UK

Velcro patches can be more than what you see. There are two parts to the Velcro backing. The Velcro backing has two parts: the hard hook and soft loops. This was created by a Swiss engineer after he went on a hunting trip with Burdock plants’ prickly bristles.

Velcro Backings of High Quality for Years

You need the best Velcro backing to make your success a reality Iron on Patches motto says “Any patch, for any purpose”

The perfect tie for any occasion

Thanks to our reputation for excellence in Velcro patch making, many groups across the United States order custom-made patches. We create patches for events like summer festivals, community sport teams and paintball teams.

Iron on Patches prides itself on being able to design badges of the highest quality and durability for the United States Military.

We customize create every piece of your patch

You can even create your own designs and styles using the latest technology. This creates a photo-like effect.

We remember the most significant events in your life

Iron on Patches makes patches that help people recall the most important moments of their lives. Contact us today.


What Exactly Is a Velcro (Hook and Loop) Patch?

You probably have experience with Velcro systems, but did you know that this is a brand name? This term refers to a hook and loop mechanism used to secure a patch to clothes or accessories. We refer to our patches with this style of attachment as Velcro crests for this reason. Our Velcro patches have lineal fabric strips (or circular squares and “dots”) that you may sew or use another connection method to attach to another surface. You’ll see that the fastening mechanism consists of both a loop and a hook. Simply join the two together, then insert the hook through the loop. That will guarantee a transient adhesion to the surface of choice.

Can You Create a Customised Velcro Patch Using My Instructions?

Send us your instructions if you want to make a unique patch but don’t have a picture in mind. Our staff will make every effort to turn your ideal patch ideas become reality, so please be as specific as you can.

Common Patch Sizes

As you are aware, there isn’t a perfect size for every patch. But let’s take a moment to discuss some common sizes. These are merely guidelines; you can determine your optimal size for various patches that are particular to you.

1.Scout Patches: Scout patches for boys and girls typically measure 3 inches.

2.Fire Patches: These patches typically have a height of 4″ to 5″ inches.

3.Police Patches: These typically measure 4″ to 5″ tall.

4.Security Patches: At 4 to 5 inches in height, this patch for officers is quite straightforward.

5.Military Patches: The appropriate size for these patches is typically 4′′ wide by 1′′ high.

6.Biker Patches: These are the 12″-long patches with top and bottom rockers that you typically see on their vests.

7.Logo patches typically measure 3.5″ in height.

8.Soccer Patches: These are the patches you typically see on athletic apparel and they typically measure 3″ inches.

These sizes are the most often ordered sizes you will see pretty much anyplace, and they are perfect for various patches. Simply make certain of the size that suits you best personally. The appropriate patch size simply relies on how complex your bespoke design is.

How to Choose the Right Size for Different Patches

You should be aware of the information on your custom patch as well as the associated text. If you choose a size that is too small, your patch and the intricacies can be difficult for someone to see.

It is easy to calculate the size of a custom patch by adding the emblem’s length and width, then dividing the result by two. Your size is the outcome.

Patch Size Variables

Although there isn’t a standard size for patches, the size range is very wide, with the majority of patches starting at about 3 inches and reaching up to 12 inches in height. The largest spots are typically found on the back.

There are so many various uses for patches. It merely relies on the kind of design you have in mind and your particular tastes. If you get lost, though, one of our specialists can help you figure out what size would be ideal for your particular bespoke design.

Does Size Matter in Any Way?

You can get all the sizing assistance you need from our creative professional. There isn’t a standard size for different patches, but your design is very important. A custom piece is frequently designed with 3″ inches to assist make the pattern obvious.

The level of detail you want to be seen in your finished patch is the most crucial consideration. It would be disappointing to put so much effort into your unique design only to discover that you didn’t go large enough to proudly exhibit your personalised patch.

Where Can You Find Assistance with the Optimal Size?

We take pleasure in what we do and look forward to serving all of your custom patch requirements. From the beginning to the finish of your design process, our experts can answer any questions you have about everything from sizing to colour design and provide the patch that you will be happy to wear every day.

Why use a Velcro patch?

Because Velcro patches are simple to apply and remove and have a history of success, many customers prefer them for uniforms. Customised hook and loop patches have a number of benefits, including the following:

It is not necessary to sew. That patch will remain longer if you remove it off your uniform before washing it.(Remember to reverse the inside of your uniform before doing the laundry to stop Velcro from adhering to anything else.)

The patch is simple to replace, and if you decide you want to take it off or don’t like it, you can just peel it off.

Is it possible to give the embroidery patch a Velcro backing?

Yes, any kind of patch can be given Velcro. like weaved patch and PVC patch.

How long does it take to produce a personalized Velcro patch?

After you give your approval to the final design, the turnaround period is roughly 10 to 12 business days. Velcro patches of superior quality are worth the wait.

How can Velcro be attached to fabric without sewing?

A popular method for securing Velcro to fabric without sewing is to use fabric-based tape. Additionally, it is simple to uninstall.

Does Velcro stick to the fabric?

A fastener that is simple to pick up and stick is Velcro. Velcro is softly applied over the appropriate fabric to firmly adhere the fabric together without sewing, glue, or ironing.

How many custom Velcro patches are required?

There is no minimum quantity requirement for orders of any size or style. We are pleased to serve you regardless of how many you order.

Are bulk orders of custom velcro patches eligible for a special discount?

Yes! Large orders qualify for a special discount from us. If you have a specific need or order amount and would like a specific discount %, please contact our staff. They will give you the best discount possible based on the specifics of your order.

Do you offer a rush order service for custom Velcro patches?

Yes, we offer a rush service for all orders. However, there will be an additional charge for rush order service.

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