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Create a classic look with Custom Felt Patches

When you consider felt patches, the first thought that pops into your mind could be embroidery patches on varsity jackets or elbow patches worn on sweaters. Felt patches for clothing have a distinct appearance, unlike embroidery patches. These patches are simple and timeless. Here at Iron On Patches, we can make felt patches just as quickly as we could make any of the other patch designs.

If you’re searching for patches with a basic style (like the letter or number) or one with more detail (like an emblem or team emblem), our experts can assist. We have a variety of thread and felt colors. This can bring your concept to life and offer you a stunning custom patch ready for wear or showcase.

Sample Felt Patches

If you choose Iron On Patches for your felt patches, you’ll be able to enjoy many advantages. You’ll receive a no-cost quote, a sample of your patch to approve, and a quick turnaround. We can design iron-on felt patches of virtually every shape and size to give you a look you want. Additionally, these patches are ideal for any event. If it’s a celebration or celebration, corporate promotion, or another event, we’ll have them made quickly and shipped quickly to use the patches as soon as you can.

Perks of our Felt Patches

  •   Free Quote
  •   Premium Quality
  •   Free U.K Shipping
  •   Free Sample
  •   Rapid Turnaround
  •    Size or Shape

If you’re eager to begin making your custom patches with us, we can provide no-cost, no-obligation quotes for your order of patches. So, you’ve got nothing to risk. We’ll even send you the sample of your patch before. When the entire order is made instead of a visual rendering that other patch companies offer. Whatever the size, shape, or reason for our patch, we’ll be there to ensure that you’re satisfy with the final product. Start today and begin showing your newly created custom felt patches.

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