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Make Your Own Adhesive Patches

Iron on Patches can make custom embroidered, dye-sublimated self adhesive patches, and woven leather patches. Peel and stick patches are the best choice if you want to attach a patch to your clothing without having to permanently attach it. Iron on Patches will send your patches to you with paper backing when you place an order. When you’re ready to attach your patch to your clothing, you can remove the backing easily. When you apply your patch to your clothing it will stay in place until it is removed. Get a quote to start creating your custom sticky patches.

How to use Peel and Stick Patches in the Best Ways

Stick-on patches work well for both individuals and businesses. Stick-on patches can be used to add your logo or make matching patches for family reunions. You can attach the patch permanently by sewing it in place. Your patches can be placed on hats and jackets as well as many other items.

Conventions are often used to apply peel-and-stick patches. However, for one-time use patches, they are best. These can be used to create giveaways or apparel and branded apparel. They can be handed out at your booth to promote your company. Sticky patches are great for kids’ birthday parties or scout groups.

Why choose Iron on Patches?

IronOnPatches has been making custom patches for clubs and businesses since 2014. We will make custom patches from your patch design. They are durable and extremely detailed. We can make patches in any size you need that can be applied to any clothing item. We can work with you to make the perfect self-stick patch for you.

Send us your patch design once you are satisfied with it. IronOnpatches will create a sample patch to fit your needs. We can fulfill your order if you are satisfied with the design and feel of the sample. We offer premium quality patches, outstanding customer service and free quotes.

Our Self-Stick patches have many benefits

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Get custom self-stick patches for easy sewing

We offer many different types of self-stick patches to make sewing simple. Use caution if you’re using a sewing machine. Before washing your clothes, remove self-stick patches from your clothing. Iron on Patches has self-stick patches available for all purposes, so order yours today.

Get your Peel and Stick Patches now

We can help create your custom peel-and-stick patches. We are trusted by many organizations, including bikers, emergency workers, and brewery owners. Since over 20 years, our female-owned business has been making custom patches. We are able provide high-quality peel-and-stick patches that meet your expectations and needs. Get a quote for custom, self-adhesive patch designs.

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