What are The 7 Different Kinds of Patches

What are The 8 Different Kinds of Custom Patches

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There are many distinct kinds of custom patches available, and it might be confusing for those who are not familiar with how to use them all. Our specialty at Irononpatches.co.uk is producing excellent custom patches of all kinds. There are a number of factors to take into account when selecting the ideal kind of custom patch for you, including cost, material, turnaround time, durability, texture, and much more.

The various types of patches that we provide at IronOnPatches are listed below.

  • Custom Embroidered patches
  • Custom PVC patches
  • Custom Chenille patches
  • Woven patches
  • Leather patches
  • Name patches
  • Printed patches
  • Bullion patches

We have also produced the ideal guide, which enumerates important components of every kind of custom patch we make, in addition to this blog article. As a result, you will have a far better knowledge of all the personalized patches that Iron on Patches provides. Our professionals are constantly available to assist and ensure that our customers have a smooth and simple ordering experience!

Many of the same queries concerning patches are posed to us as the industry specialists. It makes sense; even for seasoned patch users, the procedure can be frightening. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of possibilities available to you. The least expensive option is frequently not the greatest for your product in terms of application, longevity, or general look.

We’re creating a new “mini-series” on how to purchase and create patches because of this. Additionally, you’ll be aware that ordering patches from Iron On Patches entitles you to a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well as a complimentary graphics design service, which will make your project less work and more bustling .

The first question you’ll encounter when making a custom patch is the subject of our first lesson:

What is the best patch for me?

There are really seven different types of patches; the distinctions are attributed to the materials used in their construction or their method of application, both of which have an impact on the final product’s appearance and functionality.

Embroidered patches

Embroidered patches maximize designs with strong contrast.

Because embroidered patches come in hundreds of thread colors to match your artwork or logo, they are the ideal balance of price, durability, and artistic flexibility. Some designs visibly “pop” off the patch with true depth thanks to their distinctive texture. They may be completed quickly because they are very easily constructed. Get yours going here!


Vinyl Patches

Personalized, Vibrant, and Colorful (not quite) is what PVC patches stand for.

Rubberized and tough,  Custom PVC patches uk withstand paintballs, dirt, water, and other mishaps with great resilience. Because of the special substance, you may create unique “sculpting” that has a wonderful tactile sensation and three-dimensional impact. Make yours right here!

Chenille Adhesives

Patches of chenille imply fuzzy, soft fur.

Although custom chenille patches are outdated, they are also back in style. These fuzzy threads are not the best at showcasing details; things with vivid colors and simple text or design stand out. Here, claim your own space.

Fabric Patches

It’s all in the details when it comes to weaved patches.

Many advantages of embroidered patches apply to woven ones as well, but because of the tighter weave, woven patches can “pack in” more details, such as small characters, in the same amount of space. They lose the “texture” of needlework as a trade-off, but small lettering can get by without it. Start yours right now.

Leather Adhesives

Leather patches are warm and fashionable; they stand out.

Leather is one of our most adaptable patches; it may appear incredibly stylish or rustic at the same time. Our selection includes choices such as branded logos, rivets, and more. We provide both luxuriously thick hides and imitation leather for consumers looking for a budget or vegan alternative. Make yours right here.

Name Patches

Although technically an embroidered patch, you may construct a “base” template with up to thousands of different names on each one using our exclusive name patch technology, saving you money by eliminating the need to pay for a “different” patch design every time, as some rivals do. Equip your team right here.

iron on name patches-image

Printed Insignias

Printed patches: quick, easy, inexpensive, and detailed.

These are essentially wearable photos, or any other design with loads of text or features, printed using the same method as t-shirts. Perfect for case you only want a real photo on a patch or for budget-conscious projects with deadlines. Get yours now.

Silver Patches

80% metal, 20% velvet, and 100% class make up bulky patches.

The patches are adorned with gold and silver metal threads that add weight, depth, and visual interest. These are labor-intensive to construct by hand and aren’t very inexpensive, but they are clearly a high-end style. Start working on your “legacy patch” right now.

What are the various patch types used for?

There is a wide variety of patch types available because there are numerous factors to take into account, including cost, material, turnaround time, durability, texture, and many others. Thankfully, Irononpatches provides a variety of options so you may choose the ideal patch for your need!


Don’t be afraid to purchase a few extra patches in excess of what you require. The difference between 100 and 200 patches might just be a few dollars due to the way patches are created, so if you plan ahead, you could save hundreds of dollars in the long run. The price points are all known to our customer representatives, who will be happy to assist you in getting the best value for your money.

Take a look at Lesson 2; what are the top 4 patch options?Or begin a custom patch project with us right now to take advantage of all our expert advice, as well as free design and delivery for every order.