Introducing Custom PVC Patches In UK

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PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) patches are an excellent choice for scout organizations, sports teams, airsoft groups, and more. Elegant and adaptable, PVC patches can be utilized for nearly any purpose. Five reasons illustrate why PVC patches are an excellent substitute for conventional materials:

1. Our selection of colors and shapes is vast!

The complete Pantone Solid Coated Color Chart is available for your perusal. Custom PVC Patches are fabricated from a malleable and pliable plastic material that is gentle to the touch. We possess the capability to convert virtually any design into an individualized PVC Patch.

2. Achieve an exceptionally precise and refined level of detail.

This form of plastic is extremely malleable, allowing us to imbue your patch with intricate details such as text and fine lines. Additionally, the dynamic 2D finish enhances the visibility of finer details, thereby augmenting the prominence and appeal of your design. PVC Patches will distinguish you from the competition.


3. Custom PVC patches are malleable and long-lasting.

Polyvinyl Chloride is an exceptionally resilient and robust substance. Additionally, PVC Patches are lightweight and durable, qualities that make them ideal for active wear.

4. They are weatherproof and easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

In contrast to conventional patch materials. PVC patches are extremely simple to clean and can withstand damp and muddy conditions, making them ideal for your next adventure.

5. They are offered with an assortment of backings.

The subsequent backing materials are available for our PVC Patches:

 A Sew-On

Our Sew-On backer is an extremely popular choice for PVC Patches, as it enables you to permanently customize any garment. It is also an excellent choice if you wish to reduce expenses slightly.


Loop and hook

Do you need the capability to transfer your patch from one garment to another or remove it? Hook & Loop is precisely the material to do so. PVC Patches are advantageous for a variety of applications, such as excursions and events. By utilizing this backing, it is effortless to transfer your PVC Patch from your outerwear to your rucksack.


The Stick-On

When a transient patch is required, our Stick-On backing is the optimal solution. One might consider the possibility that they are participating in a weekend tournament or attending an event where they wish to temporarily represent a brand or company. The Stick-On lining ensures complete protection. Affix able Wholesale PVC Patches are an extremely versatile product that offer the advantages of effortless application and removal.

Our five-star customer service representatives are glad to respond to any inquiries. Want to ensure that the covering you choose is appropriate for your intended use? Contact us at iron on patches any time to request complimentary samples.